About Xpotlight

Xpotlight Consulting (pronounced as ‘Spotlight’) is a business development, marketing and communications service provider specialising in building international brands and marketing strategies for online expansion overseas.

We assist companies in the region of Lombardia to enter online markets throughout Europe, North America and Asia Pacific.

Xpotlight offers the holistic solutions needed to successfully grow a business, including business development strategies, go-to-market, marketing, market analysis and selection, online advertising and brand development. 


Customer centricity

We are committed to employ a customer-centric approach in our strategies to suscitate customer loyalty,  placing human values above profit gains for a sustainable growth in businesses.

Pursuit of Excellence

We strive to deliver highly professional works for businesses and brands, which help propel them unto the international spotlight as symbols of efficiency and excellence. 

Solutions, always

Our goal is to foster open, reliable and honest communication between clients and stakeholders to build long-term and rewarding partnerships.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to deliver measurable results to clients through comprehensive business development strategies and innovative marketing plans.

Xpotlight Consulting

Xpotlight Consulting is committed to transparency, fairness, and honesty. We always act in the best interest of our clients and constantly pursue the best option across all situations.

“Whatever you are, be a good one”

Abraham Lincoln

Nous avons actuellement le plaisir de travailler avec Imelda Hertono dans le but de faire connaître notre A.S.B.L. pour récolter des dons. Celle-ci héberge des enfants placés, qui ne peuvent plus vivre dans leur milieu familial. Elle a donc travaillé sur un plan Marketing et mis sur pied des actions concrètes (campagne de publicités, création d’un site Internet, création d’un PowerPoint…). Disponible, à l’écoute de nos besoins, perfectionniste, volontaire ; il est très agréable de collaborer avec une personne aussi professionnelle. Imelda communique aisément ses idées et transmet clairement ses stratégies. Enfin, toujours souriante, Imelda a rapidement eu de très bons contacts avec toute l’équipe éducative.

Maria Cordaro

Foyer Listré Plunus | Directrice pédagogique

Industries and markets we have worked for






Personal Care Products



Food and Beverage

Imelda Hertono

Founder | Main Consultant
Business Strategist, Digital Marketing & Branding

Imelda Hertono is a marketing professional with over 15 years of experience in driving marketing divisions of multinational companies of various industries. She has worked for markets spanning from engineering products, consumer goods and tech startups.

Combining backgrounds in business, digital media and clear understanding of marketing principles, Imelda brings value to companies from startups to SMEs by positioning them strategically amongst prominent market players and bringing them closer to the hearts and minds of customers.

Originally from Jakarta, Imelda was educated in Singapore, lived in the cities of Paris, Stavanger, Liège and is now based in Franciacorta. Being amongst people of different nationalities and ethnicities gave her a rich experience of understanding a diversity of culture and perspectives. As marketing is all about the customer, this experience helps to develop observation and adaptation skills, which are crucial for any marketer or salesperson who wishes to make an impact with their stories.

Imelda speaks English, French, Mandarin, Indonesian, is learning Italian and has Diplomas in Electronics Engineering (with Merit), Mass Communication and Marketing.