It has never been more important to have an effective website for your business. The rising competition and increasing use of digital technologies mean that companies must strive for the best digital presence. Building a website can help to establish an online presence, increase brand visibility and bolster customer loyalty. 

The first step in creating an effective website is understanding your customer. Knowing who your customers are, how they use the internet and what kind of information theyll need is essential in designing a website that meets their needs. The next step is to plan a userfriendly layout and content. By understanding the customers journey through the site, you can customize the layout and create content targeted towards their needs. This can be used to guide customers, tell a story, show product features and encourage customers to take an action. Finally, ensure the site is easy to navigate and functions well. Ensure that the site works smoothly across all platforms, from desktops to mobiles, and that all sections are connected properly. Keep the text concise, visuals engaging and include customer reviews to ensure customers trust your site. 

Through these steps, businesses can create an effective website that captures customer attention, informs them and drives customer loyalty.


  • After the strategy study , a draft UX is created that reflects the business goals, mission and vision
  • Page layout and structure will be created that corresponds to the brand identity
  • Responsive adaptation to fit in major device types
  • Broken link checks
  • GPDR consent collection  
  • Google indexing
  • Google Analytics
  • Site monthly maintenance and servicing
  • (option) DNS acquisition & SSL Certification
  • (option) Hosting
  • (option) 5 email addresses are included as base

Types & additional services

  • Informative website
  • E-commerce website
  • Educational website
  • Gallery website 
  • SEO Optimization
  • CRM Integration
  • Contact forms
  • User registration
  • Course creation
  • Content management
  • Shopping cart
  • Payment gateway setup (Stripe, Woocommerce, Paypal, etc)
  • Product catalogue
  • Order tracking
  • Sales report emails
  • Order completion/reimbursement emails
  • Membership signups
  • Mailchimp integration

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