Strategy development is the first and foremost step in the business cycle before any kind of sales, communication or promotional vehicle is planned or deployed. It is a set of researches to understand who the company is targeting, their pain points, where they are based, their purchasing behaviour and so on. For companies who have different product categories, their target markets may vary as well.  The research also studies the brand’s competitors within a focused geographical area. 

With data and concrete information about our businesses, we are then able to understand if our products or services are providing specific values for our clients or customers and how to approach our clients or customers with effective, data-based marketing strategies that bring results.


  • An internal auditing held with business owners, sales and marketing directors or managers
  • Business goals, mission and vision determination
  • An external survey or interview with clients to understand brand perception
  • Market evaluation based on specific target markets
  • Competitor evaluation
  • Digital assessment 
  • Socio-economic overview to understand market trends and opportunities
  • Internal process evaluation 
  • Other necessary research that will help build an overview of the brand’s market position, value proposition and communication plan
  • Business Model creation with marketing strategy development

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Marketing Strategy Development Services

  • Coaching and Training 550€

    Excluding VAT
    10-hour package for in-house training

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