FYT is an app idea born from a German startup founder whose vision is to help individuals and teams create better relationships with people in their circles and colleagues. The startup was at the initial phase and they needed to determine the app’s UX, UI together with value proposition development that will set them apart from existing services in the market.

Xpotlight’s solution

After an initial brand and product/service audit, Xpotlight consulted on the following aspects :

  • made a global market study of existing service providers to determine a key differentiator and value proposition
  • segmentize the users into different types in order to develop tailored solutions to each segment
  • suggested an app UX and Website UX for the various market segments
  • developed a marketing and communication plan in a span of 12 months
  • developed its brand identity, mission and values together with a proposition of a series of logos that reflects their brand persona