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Case studies

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Dr. Gianmarco Regazzola

Dr Gianmarco Regazzola is an orthopedic surgeon specializing in hip and knee surgery and trauma surgery with practices around the region of Brescia. 

The challenge at the beginning was to create brand awareness of the merits of robotic surgery that yields a higher rate of satisfaction amongst patients in terms of longer joint functionality after surgery, reduced rate of revision surgery, faster recovery rate and significant reduction of tissue or bone loss thanks to its Computer Assisted Surgery’s precision and highly-customized process. 

Fondazione Bresciana per gli Studi Economico-Giuridici

Fondazione Bresciana is a service center for lawyers, notaries and professional business accountants, providing intensive courses to help professionals navigate and get the latest updates on the ever-changing norms and regulations in Italy. 

The challenge was divided into several tiers that include organizing webinars, modernizing its brand image and its communication channels with its more than  6000 members, and creating an efficient process for managing live, online, and hybrid events.