The secret of getting ahead
is getting started.

Mark Twain


Welcome to the women entrepreneurs network brescia.

Initiated in November 2021, the Women Entrepreneurs in Brescia’s ultimate mission is to help female leaders and entrepreneurs to be successful in whatever industry they are in and bring forth more female leaders as advocates for a more efficient society and a harmonious community

This network welcomes business owners, professionals, students, or even those who are thinking of starting a business, on a monthly basis over a breakfast meeting in various locations around Brescia. 

So, if you are looking for answers in the entrepreneurship journey or have something that you can share to enable other female entrepreneurs so that they can be a little more successful, sign up today to get included in the mailing list for tips and advices as well as meeting summaries to recollected business insights discussed  during the meetings! 

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Breakfast meetings are held once a month on a Saturday in various locations in and around Brescia.

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Participation is free for as long as you can share something in return that would benefit another fellow female entrepreneur. It’s give and take but it is better to give than to receive… 

To join, just go to the questionnaire below and provide your email address to start receiving our newsletters sent once or twice a month. 

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Moderator & Organizer

Imelda Hertono-David

See you in the next meeting!